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Analysis and Criticism

To introduce yourself to the basic elements and broad themes of Hamlet, these essays are very helpful:

For teachers and academics, I would suggest reading these articles on the subject to become acquainted with the more detailed and subtle elements of the study and teaching of Hamlet:

Hamlet and Imagery

Before delving into your own analysis of the many beautiful and vivid depictions of Hamlet by artists, I would recommend reading some professional academic analysis and criticism on the subject, particularly:

  • Michael Benton's and Sally Butcher's Painting Shakespeare, published in 1998 in the Journal of Aesthetic Education

Hamlet has been the subject of thousands of portrayals by artists, some of the most interesting, important, and relevant are

Ophelia is a complex character that embodies a variety of symbolism and metaphors, for these reasons she has been the subject of countless artistic depictions by talented artists.  For a close examination of these elements and meanings, I would suggest studying these paintings:

Hamlet on Stage

Hamlet on Film

William Shakespeare

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